Sustainable Luxury

We use several kinds of sustainably-sourced natural materials in our collection. When harvesting materials from the rainforests and lowlands of South America, some seeds are gathered from the rainforest floor while others require a skilled farmer to climb up into the tropical canopy to harvest the ripe pods. Trees are not harmed in either case. The commercialization of these seeds helps to ensure the survival of the world’s rainforests by providing an alternative income for its inhabitants and help create economic stability for many indigenous people.

What Does Sustainability Mean and Why Is It Important?

DENISE CRUZ – For My People has both environmental and economic sustainability as objectives. Harvesting the materials used in the designs without harming the environment they come from is crucial and one of the key concerns of the company.

In addition, the company employs existing resources to provide solid and dependable work for these small artisans in many small towns in Ecuador indefinitely, supporting positive long-term economic growth in these regions.

Eco Ivory

ECO Ivory or Tagua Palm seed comes from a medium to tall palm trees that can reach up to 20 meters high. The “nut,” covered with a brown, flaky skin and shaped like a small avocado, is roughly 4–8 cm in diameter. Given trade restrictions on elephant ivory as well as animal welfare concerns, the Tagua nut is now often used as a substitute for elephant ivory.


Pambil Seeds

Pambil seeds come from an extremely tall palm of the South American rainforest. These palms are canopy trees, growing to a height of 20–30 meters. It is easily recognized by the prominent bulge in the center of its trunk and the stilt roots that form a one-meter diameter dense cone at the base. The small fruit of the palm contains the seeds used to make jewelry.


Toquilla Straw

Our unique straw or “paja toquilla” collection comes from the plaited leaves of a palm-like plant found in tropical areas in Ecuador.

The toquilla grows on the coastal lands of Ecuador, where conditions are ideal for its growth and regeneration. Genuine Panama hats are, and have always been, handwoven in Ecuador from toquilla fiber.


Home Interior

From genuine hand-carved ornaments to ceramic and silver pieces. Our home collection is one of a kind.

Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are all hand-embroidered in very unique designs.


Our leather goods are crafted in-house by hand, with intricate carving and embossing details.

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